Causes and treatments of lipedema disease

He lipedema a common disorder which should be treated only by health specialists. Is progressive disease affects the fatty tissue increasing it without measure, especially in the women.

Lipedema can cause inconvenience Y possibly lymphedema, which is a buildup of fluid that causes swelling or edema in the extremities due to changes in lymphatic flow.

As a portal specialized in this disease, we have prepared a post so that you can learn about its causes and treatments. Keep reading!

What are the causes of lipedema?

The causes that generate lipedema in fatty tissue are not yet clear. The most important researchers have determined that in its appearance there is a hormonal component and other genetic. Sometimes it intensifies with the appearance of the pregnancy, the menopause Y other hormonal disturbances.

Almost all patients suffering from lipedema they are women, indicating a clue to its causes. According to specialists, it seems that estrogen plays an important role in the increase in fat cells. That is why the condition worsens with the arrival of the puberty and the consumption of contraceptive pills.

This disorder is frequent in people with obesity or beginnings of extreme fatness. Recent research associates its appearance with a condition called intestinal permeability: It's about a change in the microbiota that causes substances called cytokines enter the bloodstream.

Cytokines inflame cells by considerably increasing their size. The body tries to accommodate the disorder by producing more cells, which leads to lipedema. In conclusion, it is caused by an increase in fat cells, in number and in size.

How to treat lipedema?

After a specialist analysis determines the patient's condition there are two types of possible treatments. Depending on how advanced the disease is and the conditions of each person's body, it can be:

Treatment with surgical intervention

If your trusted doctor has determined that you require treatment with surgical intervention pain and pressure will disappear. It takes place a water spray assisted liposuction for decompression, what is known as WALL technique. By means of this treatment it is possible to return the original shape to the extremities. This is one of the most effective methods because it significantly improves the patient's quality of life.

More conservative treatment

The most conservative treatment for lipedema achieves alleviate symptoms in a short time like pain and pressure. Although the fat volume of the legs and arms decreases barely noticeable.

This treatment is very popular and is based on the use of a couple of special stockings for lymphatic compression. Doctors may also recommend regular practice of some sports, such as swimming and others aquatic exercises. This type of therapy can be combined with surgical intervention without any problem.

If you need more information or help, from the Lipepedia portal we offer the possibility of contacting doctors specialized in treating lipedema to ensure your health and help you improve your state of mind.

get in contact us now, we will attend to you as quickly as possible.

Causes and treatments of lipedema disease
Article name
Causes and treatments of lipedema disease
Lipedema is a common disorder that should be treated only by health specialists. This progressive disease affects fatty tissue, increasing it without measure, especially in women.
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